300 TANG POEMS A New Translation唐詩三百首新譯
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300 TANG POEMS A New Translation唐詩三百首新譯

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ISBN# 9789575862787
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Paperback 411 pages
This book is edited by Professor Xu Yuan-zhong, Professor Loh Bei-yei and Mr. Wu Juntao. Altogether thirty-nine contributors joined forces in translating the 317 poems contained in this volume.

Translation is based on the Chinese anthology edited by Yu Shouzhen and published by Chung Hwa Book Company. Hong Kong Branch( reprinted edition 1982). However, the poems are rearranged in chronological order according to the poet's date of birth and the date of composition. Where this order cannot be determined owing to the lack of historic evidence, the date of birth of the poet is estimated and the chronological order of his work follows the order in Yu Shouzhen's edition.
Tang poetry is a gem of traditional Chinese literature and the three hundred poems translated and collected hearer are gems of Tang poetry. As early as 1898, Herbert A. Giles published his translation of Tang poems, of which Lytton Strachey said, "the poetry in it is the best that this generation has known," and that it holds a unique place in the literature of the wold "through its mastery of the tones and depths of affection".