64 Zoo Lane Vol. 1-26 DVD 64號動物園
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64 Zoo Lane Vol. 1-26 DVD 64號動物園

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ISBN# 4714304704521
Dimensions 5.5 X 8 inch

Britain's most popular children's program BBC won the UK's best pre-school children category animation award Cute funny animal adventure The most loved by children's bedside story

<< Zoo Road 64 >> Synopsis
Polar bears will lonely Hippo will also inferiority Who said the animals have no feelings unknown to the animals beautiful, lovely and warm and moving

Lucy's family lives next to the zoo, and after a goodnight every night, Lucy sneaks into the zoo, listens to her animal friends and tells stories,
From the rainforests to the Arctic glaciers to the Australian desert, animals from different places have different stories.
Lucy once heard that in the North Pole, a lone polar bear hoping to find a friend;
Have also heard that in Africa, there is a very boring elephant, come up with a favorite of their own friends who hurt the game;
She also heard of wonderful stories of the adventures of hippopotamuses in North Africa, where hippos and hippos leave their homeland and go to the deserts and jungles.
Lucy brought animals not only a moving story,
Lucy also opened a window looking out to the world, let her see the different faces of the world!

"Zoo Road 64" Introduction
full of children's playful and joy full of children's bedside story line with vivid colors to create a happy paradise for children and nature

[Zoo Road 64] a total of 52 sets, each set about 11 minutes. British BBC seize the children like to listen to the characteristics of bedtime stories, especially in the evening broadcast this lovely bedside story.

[Zoo Road 64] in simple and lovely drawing style, cleverly the relationship between people, animals and the environment, woven into a full of playful and pleasant story. Not only let the children happy entertainment, but also educate children about the nature of knowledge. The story of the scene across the five continents of the continent, the story of African elephants, there are Australian kangaroo and the polar bear will appear in the North Pole, a variety of animal adventure stories also meet the imagination of children, and virtually increase the children of the Earth's environment and biology know how.

Children living in cities have limited contact with animals and have a certain distance from nature. However, through these stories, children can better understand the environment of animals and life and can be regarded as the best life education film.

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Country: UK Disc Version: DVD (DVD-5)
Video level: Universal Sound Format: AC-3 2.0
Pronunciation Language: Mandarin / English Switchable subtitles: Traditional Chinese / English switchable (use the remote control to switch the subtitles you want to use)
Number of Discs: 4 DVDs / Episode 1-26 Long Duration: Approximately 286 minutes / Every 11 Minutes Screen Scale: 4: 3
Video Area Code: ALL Area Accessories: Animal Encyclopedia Handbook * 1
動物園道64號 /Traditional Chinese characters, English
64 Zoo Lane

可愛逗趣的動物冒險 最受孩子們喜愛的床邊故事

北極熊也會寂寞 河馬也會自卑 誰說動物沒有感情
不為人知的動物心事 美麗、可愛且溫暖動人


充滿童趣與歡樂 最受孩子們歡迎的床邊故事
生動線條配上鮮豔色彩 打造一座屬於孩子與自然的快樂天堂





光碟版本:DVD (DVD-5)
音效格式:AC-3 2.0
發音語言:國語/英語 可切換
字幕選擇:繁體中文/英文 可切換