A Plus Chinese Volume 1/Textbook + CD
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A Plus Chinese Volume 1/Textbook + CD

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LanguageBilingual,Trad. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.5 X 11.5 inch
Paperback 183 pages
A Plus Chinese incorporates the three basic TCSL model (Communication, illustration, and expression), four language skills, and the ideal of 5 Cs(culture, communication, community, contrast, and connection). suitable for learners at high school age and meet the criteria of AP tests. A Plus Chinese has small-group task-based activities in each unit, including interviews, role-play, problem solving, etc. adopts full-Chinese texts, incorporating the grammar and vocabulary in natural language contexts. Traditional Chinese character.

"A Plus Chinese" 是針對青少年設計, 且根據美國國家外語學習目標 編寫而成的華語系列教材, 基於5C 準則(溝通 Communication, 文化 Cultures, 連結 Connections, 比較 Comparisons, 社區 Communities), 以溝通, 互動功能為主導, 將日常口語會話, 各類書面文體以及風俗習慣, 人文藝術, 哲學思想等文化內涵編入教材.依美國現行的學制, 本教材宜作為準備參加AP 中文測驗的華語課本, 或是美國高中最後一年第一學期的課堂用書, 適用對象為以學過1200 詞者, 為中中級(intermediate mid) 程度. 全書預估學會的詞彙量約350 個, 等級以台灣TOP 的中及詞彙和漢語水平詞彙大綱的乙, 丙級詞彙做為標準, 課室時間估計80-100 小時.