Basic Chinese 500 Level 2-Simplified /Budding Reader 基礎漢字500/萌芽級
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Basic Chinese 500 Level 2-Simplified /Budding Reader 基礎漢字500/萌芽級

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ISBN# 9789881937964
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 7.5 X 7.5 inch
Paperback 124 pages
The Sage Formula Basic Chinese 500 is a method specially developed and formulated for young children to learn Chinese. It is a scientific method which has been developed through in-depth research and analysis of the pragmatic use of modern Chinese. It takes into consideration a young child's physical and mental developments and his/her unique way of learning. It has selected 500 Chinese words which are most frequently used in children's literature and most relevant to a young child's day to day life. These words are grouped and arranged into 5 level (Beginning, Budding, Building, Confident and Fluent) according to the frequency of usage and a young child's mental development. It is designed to help the child to learn most of the words appearing in children's story books within a short period of time. This encourages independent reading at an early age. The child learns a new word from each lesson. This word will then be repeated in subsequent lessons. This works like practices and the child builds a solid foundation and sound understanding of the use of the word. Pinyin, Traditional Chinese Characters & English.
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思展方程式的識字方法採選了500個兒童日常生活和兒童文學中最常出现的中文字,以字的常用频率和兒童的理解能力作为基準,分成五個水平階段,讓孩子循序漸進地學習認讀和理解汉字。孩子從每课中都会学到一個新的字,然後这個字在椄下来的每课都会再重覆出现,讓孩子反覆练習, 鞏固对每個生字的認識。拚音,繁體字,中英对照。

Book 1 of Budding Reader teaches the following words:
Book 2 of Budding Reader teaches the following words:
Book 3 teaches the following words:
Book 4 of Budding Reader teaches the following words:
Book 5 teaches the following words: