Celebrating Chinese Festivals CD-ROM中華傳統節慶
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Celebrating Chinese Festivals CD-ROM中華傳統節慶

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ISBN# 9781606033166
LanguageBilingual,T & S. Pinyin
Dimensions 5.5 X 5 inch
This CD-ROM introduces various Chinese festivals through captivating songs and upbeat Chinese rhythmic rap. These animated vignettes vividly capture Chinese language and culture and are perfect for the beginning Chinese learner to enjoy. Chinese Soundtrack, Subtitles in English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese.\r\n本張光盤包含10個全新製作的節慶故事, 生動活潑的動畫, 配合朗朗上口的兒歌, 快版書,特別適合初學中文的學生觀看。包含: 拜年, 老鼠娶新娘, 賞花燈, 粽子香, 月兒圓圓, 月亮的傳說, 臘八粥真好喝, 灶王爺的信, 賽龍舟, 中國的節日。