Chinese Essentials: What and How(Volume 2) How: Designing Teaching漢語教與學必備:教什麼? 怎麼教?(下)
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Chinese Essentials: What and How(Volume 2) How: Designing Teaching漢語教與學必備:教什麼? 怎麼教?(下)

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ISBN# 978756191870
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What do we teach in our grades 6 to 12 Chinese language classrooms? How do we teach effectively? These are two important questions. What and How are integrated in the sense that what supports and supplements how, and how guides and implements what. This series intends to look at these two questions from a practical perspective classroom teacher's point of view to share some wisdom and instructional tips. For the convenience of presentation, the series divides real 6-12 Chinese classroom practice into a What section and a How section. We begin with the section on What and followed with the section on How The section aims at providing a service to 6-12 grades Chinese teachers(especially those new to the profession) with clear mapping, quick reference and supplementary materials for classroom teaching and learning. The book is available in both Simplified & Traditional Chinese Character.

在我們的6-12年級的漢語課堂上, 我們到底教什麼, 怎麼教才更有效果? 這是兩個大而複雜的問題. 在現實的課堂上, 教什麼和怎麼教是一個整體. 教什麼是怎麼教的框架和實體; 怎麼教引導並貫徹教什麼. 這套書試圖從一個實際的角度, 一個課堂教師的視角來探討這兩個問題. 為了論述方便, 將6-12年級漢語課堂教學的實際分成教什麼和怎麼教兩個部分. 先教什麼 再講怎麼教, 從學生的需求和特點出發, 想出課堂教學與活動的辦法, 拿出招數來.

Integration of“What”and“How”“教什么”與“怎么教”的結合
Part1上篇 Teaching Tips——Best Practices 教學小訣竅——好經驗
Student-Gentered Learning以學生為中心的教與學
Task-Based Learning以語用實踐為基礎的教與學
Structured Learning教學指尊明晰、結構嚴謹的教與學
20Questions and Answers on Effective Language Teaching and Learning有效教學問與答
Index of 20 Questions and Answers 問答總表
20Questions and Answers20個問與答
Suggested Activities and Assignments對課堂活動和作業的建議
Index of Sample Activities and Assignments 課堂活動和作業案例總表
20 Sample Activities and Assignments 20個課堂活動和作業案例
PartⅡ下篇 Thematic Unit Design主題教學單元的設計
Mapping of Themes and Topics教學單元主題題目規則
The Rationale and Practicality of the Design 教學單元設計的原則與實際
Steps for Unit Design教學單元設計步驟
Design Framework設計構架
Variations of Unit Design教學單元的變量設置
Suggested Activities教學活動
Suggested Assessment建議測試評估形式
Rubrics for Assessment測試標準