Chinese Grammar Made Easy對外漢語語言點教學150例
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Chinese Grammar Made Easy對外漢語語言點教學150例

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ISBN# 9780300122794
Dimensions 8.5 X 11 inch
Paperback 314 pages
Chinese Grammar Made Easy presents instructors with innovatie and classroom-tested techniques for teaching Chinese grammar. Its communicative, meaning-based approach helps teachers to engage students by bringing grammar into a practical, real-life context. As a reference for daily teaching, this book discusses 150 of the most fundamental and frequently used grammar points that students need to learn in order to communicate successfully. Each grammar point is accompanied by various learning activities to engage students and provide structured practice. Based on research conducted by a team of 25 experienced language teachers, Chinese Grammar Made Easy also offers *clear and concise explanations of grammar concepts, * step-by-step teaching instructions, * a range of exercises to reinforce each grammar point. Simplified Chinese character.