Chinese Grammar Without Tears 简明汉语语法学习手册(英汉对照)
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Chinese Grammar Without Tears 简明汉语语法学习手册(英汉对照)

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ISBN# 9787301057490
Dimensions 5.5 X 8 inch
Paperback 321 pages
Chinese Grammar Without Tears is designed for foreign students at the elementary and intermediate levels. It may serve either as a reference book to be consulted as required, or as a textbook to be studied. The book attempts, through examples and patterns, to explain structural features with which students typically experience difficulty in the course of their study of Chinese. Points of grammar are, therefore, addressed in an order different from that of traditional grammars. To help students understand the typical features and basic rules of Chinese, some chapters also contain notes on important points and common pitfalls: here, Chinese is contrasted with English and other languages. The grammatical explanations are given in Chinese with English translation, and example sentences are given in Chinese characters with Hanyu pinyin transcription.Simplified Chinese Character.

一 提问的方法
二 形容词谓语句和名词谓语句
三 表示存在的句子
四 汉语表示时(间)和(动)态的方法
五 语气助词“了”
六 补语
七 “是……的”结构
八 表示比较的方法
九 表示被动的方法
十 “把”字句
十一 否定词
十二 数词
十三 量词
十四 离合词
十五 形容词重叠
十六 动词重叠
十七 语气助词“呢”和“吧”
十八 “能”、“会”和“可以”
二十 “就”和“才”
二十一 “都”、“全”和“所有者”
二十二 “刚”和“刚才”
二十三 “又”、“再”和“还”