Chinese Link  Level 2 Part 1/ Textbook 中文天地
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Chinese Link Level 2 Part 1/ Textbook 中文天地

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ISBN# 9780131947665
LanguageBilingual,T & S. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.5 X 11 inch
Paperback 428 pages
The intermediate level program is divided into two volumes: level 2, part1 (Lesson 1-10) and Level 2 Part 2 (Lesson 11-20). Both volumes contain the Core Lessons and Appendices. Core Lessons include: Lesson opener: Lesson objectives and Lesson photos; Vocabulary : Core vocabulary and supplementary vocabulary; Language Link include( Sentence Patterns, Language in use (main text), language Notes, and Supplementary Practice, Idioms Story, and Media Literacy.). Sentence Patterns provided before the core text are designed in dialogue format and provides a convenient way to practice listening and speaking skills. Language in Use presents a broader variety of expressions and complicated sentence structures so that students can carry on conversations related to various topics in modern Chinese society. Idiom Story is carefully chose and written to consolidate the core grammar points of that lesson. Its purpose is to introduce students to the rich Chinese cultural and literary tradition while reviewing what they have learned in another interesting way. Media Literacy texts, which are incorporated into lesson11-20, are short texts written in the style of newspapers, magazines, and internet news articles. These texts introduce students to the formal grammatical structures common in these written genres. Culture Link contains three components:(Culture notes, fun with Chinese, Let's Go!). Culture Notes: This section links the lesson themes together and is relevant to both traditional culture and current societal changes. Fun With Chinese Has Common slang expressions, idioms, and proverbs that are related to the lesson vocabulary or theme are introduced. Discussion questions and exercises related to the slang expression, idiom, or proverb are provided to encourage students to perform cultural comparisons. Let's Go!: This section provides exposure to authentic artifacts of Chinese society, and aims to train the students to be more confident and comfortable getting around in Chinese society. Activities: Listening, character, grammar, media literacy, and communicative exercises are contained in the textbook. The exercise progress from drills and practice to content-bases communicative tasks. They also provide rich opportunities for summary and consolidation. Appendices: Rich and helpful appendices are provided as a resource for in-class exercises, self-study, and review. This Book is emphasizes and integrates the "5Cs" principles of the National Standards for Foreign Language Education-Communication, Cultures, Comparisons,Connections, and Communities-throughout the book. Other program Components: Workbook : Homework and Character Book. Traditional and Simplified characters.