Chinese Link 中文天地 Zhongwen Tiandi /Work Book (Simplifed)
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Chinese Link 中文天地 Zhongwen Tiandi /Work Book (Simplifed)

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ISBN# 131546694
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.5 X 11 inch
Paperback 236 pages
Workbook : Homework and Character Book. The Homework portion contains a homework assignment for each lesson in the main textbook. A typical assignment is around 5-6 pages in length, including space for students to write their responses. Homework actives include listening, character consolidation, grammar, media literacy (for lesson 11-20), and communicative tasks. The Character promotion provides reference information for the new Chinese characters in the Core Vocabulary of every lesson. It shows the following for each character: 1. Character with its stroke order indicated by numbers. 2. Traditional form of the character. 3. Simplified form of the character. 4. Pinyin pronunciation, grammatical usage, and a sample sentence or phrase. 5. Stroke order illustrated by writing the character progressively. 6. Radical of the character with its Pinyin pronunciation and meaning. Traditional and Simplified characters.