Chinese Painting Techniques-Flower and Birds: A perspective 楊卾西花鳥畫法
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Chinese Painting Techniques-Flower and Birds: A perspective 楊卾西花鳥畫法

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The flower and bird painting has long been interest by the Chinese artists throughout the history. Its importance in the Chinese art history could never be ignored. Artists express these flowers, birds, fish, and vegetable in a way of simplicity and maturity. The paintings not only have been painted in highly developed techniques but also been given untold meanings in their compositions. This book will start with the painting technique of the four gentlemen a basic category of the spontaneous style painting which always requires the artist to paint with intuition and emotion. This style also has a close relationship with calligraphy. The four gentlemen which include plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum can express the idea of spontaneous style itself perfectly. Then we'll go over varies of flowers, and birds. The painting skills and structures will be more and more complex in the following chapters which include insects, fish, and vegetables. At last, a series of example works will be shown and the author will do analyses for each painting.