Far East Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary  48K/D遠東拼音漢英辭典
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Far East Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary 48K/D遠東拼音漢英辭典

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ISBN# 9789576124624
LanguageBilingual,Trad. Pinyin
Dimensions 7.3 X 4.1 inch
Paperback 888 pages
This Dictionary contains more than 4,000 frequently-used Chinese charactres and over 40,000 phrases and idioms. New words and phrases have been added to this edition with a strong focus on the language used in today's high-tech environment. Different expressions as used in Taiwan and Mainland China are both included. The entries are listed alphabetically, according to their spelling in Pinyin, making this an easy-to use reference for students learning Chinese. Traditional Chinese Character, Pinyin & English.