Xinhua Dictionary with English Translation/漢英雙解新華字典
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Xinhua Dictionary with English Translation/漢英雙解新華字典

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ISBN# 9789620702532
LanguageBilingual,Trad. Pinyin
Dimensions 4.5 X 7.5 inch
Paperback 929 pages
Xinhua Dictionary has been a best-selling Chinese dictionary for half a century, with a total sale of over 300 million copies in China. Its influence on Chinese language learning has been profound and far-reaching. However, the dictionary previously had only a monolingual form in simplified Chinese characters, much to the inconvenience of readers who are used to traditional Chinese characters, and foreign learners of the Chinese language who would expect English definitions. It fell short of a bilingual reference for the appreciation of the beauty of the two languages and an understanding of the simiarities and differences of the two cultures. Now, to meet the needs of our readers, The Commerical Press (H.K.)Ltd.has come up with this Xinhua Dictionary with English Translation. While it retains all the characterisitics and functions of its prototype, this new edition appears in traditional Chinese characters, with English translation of the full text. Having Chinese and English definitions and examples complementary to each other, the dictionary is suitable for Hong Kong and Taiwan Chinese as well as foreign learners of both languages.\r\nAs Chinese and English are the languages used by most people, this beilingual dictionary will prove to be a bridge between the two languages and a powerful tool of communication among the greatest number of people in the world. It is anticipated to be the focus of attention of language learners. The dictionary is a small-size reference book of learning Chinese, chiefly for teachers and students in primary schools and middle schools, and for intermediate-educated readers as well.Traditional, Simplified Chinese character, English, Pinyin.