Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine中醫飲食療法
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Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine中醫飲食療法

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ISBN# 9812293647
Dimensions 8 X 6 inch
Paperback 82 pages
The art of Chinese medicine has been in existence for thousands of years. Its unique methods of diagnosis and treatment are known throughout the world and its mystique lies in its apparent simplicity. This book attempts to depict the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine in pictorial form that anyone can understand. Intriguing stories about its history have also been included to enliven the reader's introduction to the wondrous world of Chinese medicine, with its vast and rich treasure trove of information.
* The Eight Principal Syndromes, including Yin-Yang
* The Five Elements
* The Four Diagnoses — Observation, Interrogation and Pulse-taking
* Bodily fluids, vital energy, blood, meridians
* Chinese medicines, acupuncture and diet therapy
* Famous Physicians
Paperback, English.