Everyday Chinese for Travelers +1 MP3+CD旅遊中國開口說
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Everyday Chinese for Travelers +1 MP3+CD旅遊中國開口說

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ISBN# 9789576127243
LanguageBilingual,Trad. Pinyin
Dimensions 6.8 X 4.3 inch
Paperback 349 pages
Everyday Chinese for Travelers is a handy pocket-sized traveler's phrasebook designed for foreign visitors, especially those from Western countries. We collected plenty of dialogues, which are simple and practical, and categorized them according to topic, like accommodations, eating, shopping, etc., making them very convenient to find. Each Dialogue is composed of the Chinese characters and their counterparts in pinyin, along with an English translation. The book also contains a variety of other features. "Word Bank" can help you find related words on a certain topic. An essential introduction to pinyin and Chinese grammar is also provided. At the end of this book, we include a Chinese menu, a Shopping list, a mini-dictionary and references for tour information to make your stay even more meaningful and enjoyable. Traditional Chinese characters, English, Pinyin.