Far East English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary 60K/D遠東英漢拼音辭典
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Far East English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary 60K/D遠東英漢拼音辭典

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ISBN# 9789576126789
LanguageBilingual,Trad. Pinyin
Dimensions 7.3 X 4.2 inch
Paperback 338 pages
This dictionary is designed specifically to assist those who are learning Chinese as a second lamguage. To help users with pronunciation, Hanyu Pinyin accompanies each Chinese word. Where translations differ between Mainland China and Taiwan, both versions are included. English explanations are given for words that have more than one meaning. The dictionary contains about 12,000 entries. In addition, there are four helpful appendices: practical daily usage, countries and cities, Chinese festivals and a Hanyu Pinyin table. This dictionary is an excellent resource for those learning Chinese.