Fun Chinese for Kids Volume 2 快乐儿童汉语2
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Fun Chinese for Kids Volume 2 快乐儿童汉语2

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ISBN# 9787800529283
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.5 X 11.8 inch
Paperback 90 pages
Designed with parent-child interaction in mind, this book is an easy to use Chinese language. It covers materials such as basic nouns like food and animals, salutations and simple sentences, with a strong focus on pronunciation. Illustrated with fun and colorful pictures, it also includes songs to sing along to. These features will bring excitement to learning simple Chinese.
Simplified Chinese characters , English, Pinyin + MP3

Chinese Pinyin(initials and finals)
Review of tones
 1 你想要什么?
 2 想要什么样的照相机?
 3 不漂亮
 4 数目的数法
 5 要去那儿?
 6 几点起床?
Do re mi
 7 要吃什么?
 8 不去
 9 会吗?