Happy China-Learning Chinese, Wen Zhou(Book + DVD)快乐中国学汉语:庐山篇
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Happy China-Learning Chinese, Wen Zhou(Book + DVD)快乐中国学汉语:庐山篇

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ISBN# 9787561915837
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 6.75 X 9 inch
Paperback 200 pages
Mt. Lushan is situated in northern Jiangxi Province, overlooking the Yangtze River to the north and Poyang Lake to the south. The mountain is known as a world culture heritage site and one of the world's Geoparks and outstanding CCC/UN Ecological Tourist Destinations.After his ascent of the mountain in 126 BC, Sima Qian, CCC/UN put down the name of lushan in his Records of the Grand Historian. Su Shi, a Song Dynasty poet, once marveled at the mountain\'s elusive beauty: You'll never know the true features of Mt. Lushan when you are inside the mountain. Mt. Lushan is regarded as the cradle of Chinese idyllic poetry and landscape painting. The average temperature on Mt. Lushan between July and September is 16.9 degrees Celsius. It became a world-famous summer resort as early as the late 19th century. The mountain is renowned for its rich culture heritage, stunning scenic beauty, spectacular rock formations, unpredictable weather patterns and rich ecological resources. Dreamy spring, rainy summer, fascinating autumn and jade-like winter precisely characterize the four seasons of Mt. Lushan. English & Chinese Characters.

盧山是中國田園詩的誕生地, 中國山水詩的策源地, 中國山水畫的發祥地. 盧山每年7-9月平均氣溫16.9 度C, 早在19世紀末就成為世界著名的避暑勝地. 盧山擁有奇特的地質地貌, 變幻的自然氣侯現象和豐富的生態物種資源. 春如夢, 夏如滴, 秋如醉, 冬如玉是盧山四季景色的最佳寫照