I Love Learning Chinese-Middle/High School/Volume 2 我爱学中文(中学用书/附光盘)
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I Love Learning Chinese-Middle/High School/Volume 2 我爱学中文(中学用书/附光盘)

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ISBN# 9787301122778
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.25 X 11.25 inch
Paperback 175 pages
TPRS means Total Physical Response Storytelling. This series of textbooks consists of four books, which are specially designed for Chinese language classes where Total Physical Response Storytelling method is used. The books can be used for either middle school or high school learners. The focus should be on the learner's mastery of basic communication skills. The four language skills- listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all reinforced through the storytelling activities. The written form of the Chinese language is also introduced at an early stage but according to the natural development of the learning process, from simple to complex. 1CD+ book. Simplified Chinese character.

《我爱学中文》的编写原则是行为情境教学法(TPRS),这一教学法遵循外语学习的基本规律,在教学中引进了个性化的故事,以及以此为背景展开的各种生动有趣的情境。学生在自由而愉快的学习环境中,不仅学习和掌握了基本词汇,还能真正发展他们的实际语言交际能力。TPRS 是已被实践证明的、行之有效的第二语言习得方法,现国内外多所国际学校将其应用于汉语教学。《我爱学中文》(中学用书)共分4册,约80-100课时,专门针对初、高中运用TPRS进行中文教学的学校而设计。教材全面覆盖了听、说、读、写四项最基本的语言技能,从学习的起始阶段就循序渐进地引入了汉字的辨认与书写。
第一单元 脏了队后,该怎么办?Chapter I What Do You Do after Getting Dirty?
 Mini-story 1-1 为什么又要我洗碗?Why Do You Want Me to Wash Dishes Again?
 Mini-story 1-2 海水脏了The Sea Is Dirty
 Mini-story 1-3 不要吃太多布丁D0 N0t Eat T00 Much Pudding
 Mini-story 1-4 帮我做一个冰淇淋吧!Help Me Make Ice—cream
 Mini-story 1-5 我想要吃中国菜I Want to Eat Chinese Food
 Chapter-story 快去洗澡Hurry up and Take a Shower
第二单元 朋友难找 Chapter II It Is Difficult to Find a Friend
 Mini-story 2-1 她什么都听不懂She Doesn’t Understand Anything
 Mini-story 2-2 一个书呆子A Book Worm
 Mini-story 2-3 帅哥Jason A Handsome Boy,Jason
 Mini-story 2-4 他们合不来They Don’t Get along Well
 Mini-story 2-5 Annie吐了Annie Vomited
 Chapter-story 十全十美的男朋友A Perfect Boyfriend
第三单元 我可以请你跳舞吗? Chapter III May I Ask You to Dance with Me?