Everyday Chinese-English Picture Dictionary + 2 CD-ROMs 中文圖解詞典
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Everyday Chinese-English Picture Dictionary + 2 CD-ROMs 中文圖解詞典

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ISBN# 9789865776664
LanguageBilingual,T & S. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.25 X 11 inch
Paperback 204 pages
The Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary, written by an experienced teacher of Mandarin, suits the needs of foreigners studying Mandarin by providing the most practical terms used in daily-life. This book includes 15 sections, 87 graphic themes, and more than 1,700 commonly used vocabulary words. There are many categories, all with their own picture themes, making this an ideal learning tool that can be used long-term. Each unit of the illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary is unique; some use pictures with a context while others use a single picture to emphasize the meaning. At the same time, we also provide "Cultural Window" columns, which allow the learner to understand more about Chinese culture. The Illustrated Chinese-English dictionary uses Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, and each phrase has pinyin or zhuyin and its English definition next to it. The pinyin is spelled according to the Basic Rules for Hanyu Pinyin Orthography and Xin-hua Pinxie Cidian and the zhuyin is based on the Ministry of Education's Online Dictionary. Additionally, many phrases have two common meanings, and we have included both to allow our readers to benefit as much as possible from this product. 1 CD-ROM in Simplified Chinese character, 1 CD-ROM in Traditional Chinese characters.


96項主題, 全書包括15大類別,96項主題。內含1964詞彙,


Section one: Housing居家
1-1 Home家/家
1-2 In the Living Room客廳/客厅
1-3 Furniture and Home Appliances家具與家電/家具与家电
1-4 In the Bathroom浴室/浴室
1-5 Toiletries梳妝用品/梳妆用品
1-6 Cosmetics化妝品/化妆品
1-7 In the Bedroom臥室/卧室
1-8 Household Items生活雜貨/生活杂货
1-9 In the Kitchen廚房/厨房
1-10 Kitchenware廚房用品/厨房用品
1-11 Tools工具/工具
1-12 Everyday Life日常生活/日常生活

Section Two: Stages of Life人生階段
2-1 People人/人
2-2 Family家族/家族
2-3 The Body身體/身体
2-4 Emotions情緒/情绪
2-5 Actions動作/动作

Section three: Food食物
3-1 At the Supermarket在超市/在超市
3-2 Fruits水果/水果
3-3 Vegetables蔬菜/蔬菜
3-4 Meats肉類/肉类
3-5 Seafood海產/海产
3-6 Beverages飲料/饮料
3-7 Dairy Products乳製品/乳制品
3-8 Delicacies at the Night Market夜市小吃/夜市小吃
3-9 Chinese Cuisine中式美食/中式美食

Section four: Restaurant餐廳
4-1 At a Chinese Restaurant中餐館/中餐馆
4-2 At a Fast Food Restaurant速食店/快餐店
4-3 At a Western Restaurant西餐廳/西餐厅
4-4 Looking at a Menu菜單/菜单
4-5 Tableware餐具/餐具
4-6 The Myriad Ways of Cooking多樣烹調方式/多样烹调方式
4-7 Seasonings and Condiments調味料/调料
4-8 Tastes味道/味道

Section five: Clothing衣著
5-1 Clothing衣物/衣物
5-2 Fashion Accessories配件飾品/配件饰品
5-3 Footwear鞋襪類/鞋袜类
5-4 Chinese-style Clothing中式服飾/中式服饰
5-5 Colors顏色/颜色
5-6 Patterns and Sizes圖案與尺寸/图案与尺寸

Section 6: Around Town城市導覽
6-1 In the City城市/城市
6-2 At the Post Office郵局/邮局
6-3 In a Police Station 警察局/公安局
6-4 At the Bank銀行/银行
6-5 In a Department Store百貨公司/百货公司
6-6 Hotels飯店/饭店
6-7 At a Hotel飯店住宿/饭店住宿

Section 7: Transportation交通
7-1 Vehicles交通工具/交通工具
7-2 Traffic Signs交通號誌/交通号志
7-3 On the Road街景/街景
7-4 In the Airport機場/机场
7-5 Boarding a Plane登機/登机
7-6 On a Airplane飛機上/飞机上

Section 8: Recreation休閒娛樂
8-1 Pastimes and Hobbies休閒嗜好/休闲嗜好
8-2 In a Movie Theater電影院/电影院
8-3 The Cinema and the Theater電影與戲劇/电影与戏剧
8-4 Beauty and Health美容與養生/美容与养生
8-5 Night Life夜生活/夜生活
8-6 At the Amusement Park遊樂園/游乐园
8-7 Western Musical Instruments西式樂器/西式乐器
8-8 Chinese Musical Instruments中式樂器/中式乐器

Section 9: At the Hospital醫院
9-1 In the Hospital醫院/医院
9-2 Symptoms and Illnesses症狀與疾病/症状与疾病
9-3 Hospital Services醫療服務/医疗服务
9-4 Western Medicine西醫/西医
9-5 Chinese Medicine中醫/中医

Section 10: School校園
10-1 School Education學校教育/学校教育
10-2 The School Campus校園/校园
10-3 Courses and Campus Life課程與校園生活/课程与校园生活
10-4 The Classroom教室/教室
10-5 At the Library圖書館/图书馆
10-6 Stationary文具/文具
10-7 Shapes, Punctuation and Symbols圖形與標點符號/图形与标点符号

Section 11: Workplace職場
11-1 At the Office辦公室/办公室
11-2 Careers and Jobs 1職業(一)/职业(一)
11-3 Careers and Jobs 2職業(二)/职业(二)
11-4 Computers and Accessories電腦與設備/电脑与设备

Section 12: Athletics運動項目
12-1 Sports and Exercise 1運動(一)/运动(一)
12-2 Sports and Exercise 2運動(二)/运动(二)
12-3 Basketball籃球/篮球
12-4 Baseball棒球/棒球
12-5 Tennis網球/网球
12-6 Water Sports and Activities水上運動/水上运动
12-7 Track and Field田徑/田径
12-8 Martial Arts武術/武术
12-9 The Gymnasium and Fitness體育活動/体育活动
12-10 At the Fitness Center健身房/健身房

Section 13: Animals and Plants動植物
13-1 Animals 1動物(一)/动物(一)
13-2 Animals 2動物(二)/动物(二)
13-3 Reptile and Other Animals爬蟲類與其他動物/爬虫类与其他动物
13-4 Birds鳥類/鸟类
13-5 Sea Life海底生物/海底生物
13-6 Plants植物/植物
13-7 Auspicious Chinese Symbols中國吉祥物/中国吉祥物

Section 14: Seasons and Time 季節與時間
14-1 The Calendar日曆/日历
14-2 Weather and The Seasons天氣與季節/天气与季节
14-3 Astrology星座/星座
14-4 Holidays and Festivals節慶 /节庆

Section 15: Worldwide 世界地理
15-1 Geography and Landscapes 地理景觀/地理景观
15-2 The Seven Continents and Three Major Oceans 七大洲與三大洋/七大洲与三大洋
15-3 Global Cities世界城市/世界城市
15-4 Monuments名勝古蹟/名胜古迹
15-5 Features and Forces of Nature自然與災害/自然与灾害