Integrated Chinese Level 2 Part 2/Txtbook/3rd Edition/Simp & Trad, Pbk中文聽說讀寫
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Integrated Chinese Level 2 Part 2/Txtbook/3rd Edition/Simp & Trad, Pbk中文聽說讀寫

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ISBN# 9780887276880
LanguageBilingual,T & S. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.5 X 11 inch
Paperback 408 pages
The third edition of this time-tested series has been fully updated to meet the needs of today's students with a full-color design, up-to-date vocabulary, enhanced cultural coverage, a diverse cast of characters, additional communicative and interactive expertise, and a realistic storyline linking all the dialogues and readings. Integrated Chinese is ideally suited for students with diverse learning styles who want a comprehensive grounding in the Chinese language. The series provides coordinated practice in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as additional insight into Chinese culture and society. Throughout the series, Integrated Chinese builds on the three modes of communication-interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational- to build proficiency in using the Chinese language in real-life situations. Integrated Chinese develops language abilities while encouraging active use of the language within and beyond the classroom. Task-based questions and learning objectives are included in every lesson to help students take control of developing language proficiency and problem-solving skills. The Integrated Chinese series is a two-year course that includes textbooks workbooks, character workbooks, audio recordings, multimedia resources, and teacher resources. Student materials are available in both simplified and traditional character versions.
Contents :

Lesson 11: 中國的節日/中国的节日 Chinese FestivalsI.
Lesson 12: 中國的變化/中国的变化 Changes in China
Lesson 13:旅遊/旅游 Travel
Lesson 14: 生活與健康/生活与健康 Life and Wellness
Lesson 15: 男女平等 Gender Equality
Lesson 16: 環境保護與節約能源/环境保护与节约能源 Environmental Protection and Energy
Lesson 17: 理財與投資/理财与投资 Money Management and Investing
Lesson 18: 中國歷史/中国历史 Chinese HistoryI. Listening Comprehension
Lesson 19: 面試/面试 Interviewing for a job
Lesson 20: 外國人在中國/外国人在中国 Foreigners in China