Learn Chinese : Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary漢英圖畫字典
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Learn Chinese : Illustrated Chinese-English Dictionary漢英圖畫字典

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ISBN# 9789814314596
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 6.75 X 9 inch
Paperback 317 pages
Designed for non-native learners of basic Chinese. Features 1,965 entries, covering all Level A and Level B characters in the National Syllabus of Graded Words and Characters for Chinese Proficiency. Accompanied with pinyin and English translation to enhance learning. Contains about 600 colorful illustrations and 13 pages of topical illustrated vocabulary to aid understanding. Includes a comparison section in relevant entries to compare Chinese characters that look similar and are frequently mispronounced or wrongly written. Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin,

這是一本專門供海外漢語學習者使用的工具書, 字典共收字1965字, 另有繁體字694字, 涵蓋了漢語水平詞匯與漢字等級大綱, 以及常用字等. 字典中的每個字頭均標明了部首, 讀音, 基本筆順和所屬等級, 所有的釋義和 舉例都有相應的漢語拼音和英文翻譯, 並配圖589幅,力求圖文互相補充, 方便學習者使用.