Life in Beijing (Traditional & Simplified) 生活在北京
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Life in Beijing (Traditional & Simplified) 生活在北京

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ISBN# 9781891107023
Dimensions 6.2 X 8.5 inch
Paperback 262 pages
The author, a native of China, takes his readers along with him as he re-visits the capital of China, the center of Chinese national pride, both ancient and modern. Years spent abroad lend a new perspective to Ma's perception of the city, with its colorful and quickly changing markets, diverse architecture, holiday celebrations, bustling night life, and enduring sense of history.
Easy Chinese Readings in 500 Characters is a series of readers focused on increasing beginning-level student fluency. Each volume is written in carefully selected vocabulary and simple sentence structure. The books' rich cultural content promises to make your reading an enjoyable experience. This is one of the best sets of reading material available to those interested in Chinese.
Traditional & Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.

1. 天安門 Ti An Men-The Gate of Heavenly Peace
2. 京劇 Beijing Opera
3. 北京大學 The University of Beijing
4. 故宮 The Forbidden City
5. 北京的老字號和小吃 Famous Old Stores and Snack Bars
6. 頤和園和長城 The Summer Palace and the Great Wall
7. 王府井和變化中的消費生活 Wang Fu Jing Avenue and Changing Consumerism
8. 中小學生的學校生活 Life in Middle and Elementary Schools
9. 節日的北京 Holidays in Beijing
10. 北京的四合院和胡同 Beijing's Courtyards and Alleys
11. 北京的夜市和夜生活 Beijing's Night Markets and Its Night Life
12. 自行車的王國 The Kingdom of bicycles
13. 周末與郊遊 Weekend Excursions
14. 菜市場和個體戶 Open Produce Markets and Family Businesses
15. 北京人和北京話 The People of Beijing and the Beijing Dialect
16. 變化中的北京 Changing Beijing