Masterworks Chinese Companion/ Traditional & Simplified 名作導讀與寫作
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Masterworks Chinese Companion/ Traditional & Simplified 名作導讀與寫作

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ISBN# 9780887274350
LanguageBilingual,T & S. Pinyin
Dimensions 11 X 8.5 inch
Paperback 208 pages
Masterworks Chinese Companion meets the needs of students from Chinese-speaking families or advanced non-native speakers who have mastered basic oral communication in Chinese but seek further development of their reading and writing skills. Anderson presents students with 12 short works that are emblematic of superlative writing style, primarily from the Chinese canon of modern literature. By selecting short stories that reflect human emotions and relationships, the author of Masterworks has provided learners with the vocabulary and patterns they need to express their thoughts and feelings in writing. Lessons are given in both traditional and simplified characters.


1.Peanuts 落花生
2. Life Lessons from Mother 母親的教誨
3. Mr. More or Less 差不多先生
4. Be Determined to Accomplish Great Things 立志做大事
5. Haste 匆匆
6. Spring 春
7. The View from the Rear 背影
8. The Greatest Suffering and the Greatest Joy 最苦與最樂
9. A Trivial Incident 一件小事
10. Kong Yi Ji (Part I)孔乙己(上)
11. Kong Yi Ji (Part II)孔乙己(下)
12. Farewell to Prefect Du, Leaving for a Post in Sichuan; For Wang Lun