My Little Chinese Story Books /Volume 21-40 +20CD-ROM我的中文小故事書
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My Little Chinese Story Books /Volume 21-40 +20CD-ROM我的中文小故事書

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ISBN# 9787301170649
LanguageSimplified Pinyin
Dimensions 5.5 X 8.5 inch
Paperback 34 pages
My Little Chinese Story Books Series 2 contains Volume 21-40. Each book with an interesting story. The books are written in Simple languages and have colorful pictures, which help readers to understand the story. Some exercises are provided by the end of each book to reinforce the learning. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 15.
Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin. A CD-ROM is attached to each book.


21 Quarrel 吵架
22 My Best Friend 我的好朋友小鸟
23 Robot 机器人
24 Lost in the Park 公园里迷路
25 National Treasure 国宝熊猫
26 Shopping Bags 环保购物袋
27 Qipao 旗袍
28 The Man Who Easily Not Injured 容易受伤的男人
29 My Daughter 小甜甜
30 Stupid Thief 愚蠢的小偷
31 Wrong Number 打错的电话
32 How to Say Yes and No 怎么说Yes和No
33 Terms of Address in Chinese 中国人的称谓
34 Webcam 网络视频
35 Can the Happiness be Passed On 快乐是可以传染的吗
36 Birthday Party 生日会
37 Performing 演出
38 Fashion Show in a Mandarin Lesson 中文课上的时装表演
39 Skating in Beijing 在北京滑冰
40 The Chinese Teacher Who Does Hip Hop 会跳街舞的中文老师