Ni Hao Volume 4/Workbook Rev. Ed.(Simplified)
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Ni Hao Volume 4/Workbook Rev. Ed.(Simplified)

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ISBN# 9781876739256
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 11 X 8.5 inch
Paperback 124 pages
The student workbook for Ni Hao, Volume 4 provides a variety of activities that correspond to the lessons in the Ni Hao, Volume 4 textbook using all four communication skills. Activities can be adapted to suit the needs of a class or an individual.

Chinese characters are used in conjunction with pinyin throughout the book to reinforce the student’s reading and writing skills. By Volume 4, students are required to write almost exclusively in characters. Very few characters have pinyin listed.

Characters learned are listed in the textbook in each lesson and included in the “Writing Exercise” section of the workbook. Both are illustrated with stroke order. This workbook is in simplified characters only.