Pictorial Dictionary Series新學友彩色圖畫字典/上,下
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Pictorial Dictionary Series新學友彩色圖畫字典/上,下

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ISBN# 9574870120
LanguageTraditional Pinyin
Dimensions 10 X 7.5 inch
Paperback Hardcover 530 pages
Vocabulary learning through stories and pictures. Provides analysis in pronunciation, definition, and character strokes. Suitable for elementary learners. Based on education standards. Traditional Chinese Characters & Zhuyin.

新學友彩色圖畫字典內容豐富, 除了國字, 筆順, 部首,造詞, 造句, 解釋以外, 還有童詩, 字謎, 字的演變及彩色插圖,可以增進小朋友對每個國字的認識和應用練習. 檢索的方法包括注音符號, 漢語拼音, 總筆畫及部首四種.