Children's Cabin of Story 幼兒故事小屋(套)(10書+2CD)

Children's Cabin of Story 幼兒故事小屋(套)(10書+2CD)

ISBN: 4714426802433
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This series is designed to help young children gain intelligence, wisdom, and early learning potential. With colorful pictures, fascinating characters, simple text and fonts, and CDs, readers will be able to develop an interest in reading and enjoy the wonders of the world of fairy tales. Traditional Chinese characters.

這套經典的故事能讓孩子培養生活的智慧,引導他們進入真、善、美的世界 商品特色【字大清晰】便於親子閱讀,輕鬆不費力【精緻彩圖】可愛的圖畫,最適0~3歲閱讀的童話書【互動引導】頁末提供親子悄悄話。

引導孩子體會多更多【培養品格】讓孩子從故事中培養生活智慧。 這是一套最適合0-3歲嬰幼兒閱讀的童話書,可愛的圖畫搭配簡潔的文字,字體大、易閱讀。搭配CD聆聽,讓爸爸媽媽陪寶寶一起深入童話的世界,從中獲得智慧的啟發,並且提早學習待人處事的道理。

1.布萊梅音樂家 The Animal Musicians
2.拇指姑娘 Thumbelina
3.大蘿蔔 A Big Carrot
4.小紅帽 Little Red Riding Hood
5. 三隻小豬 The Three Pigs
6. 龜兔賽跑 The Race
7. 傑克與魔豆 Jack and the Beanstalk
8. 漁夫和金魚 The Gold Fish
9. 木偶奇遇記 Pinocchio
10.騎鵝歷險記 An Adventure