Discovering Chinese 奇妙中文 Traditional Vol. 2  Student Textbook

Discovering Chinese 奇妙中文 Traditional Vol. 2 Student Textbook

ISBN: 9789629780059
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Discovering Chinese is a set of textbooks specifically designed for beginner-intermediate level students, grades 6 through 12, who are learning Chinese in non-Chinese speaking communities and consists of Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4View our Discovering Chinese Volume 2 Online Curriculum here. The online curriculum is available in both simplified and traditional Chinese. An interactive app optimized for the iPad is available here.

Volume 2 contains 12 lessons with the following features:
- A spiral-up, step-by-step approach that reinforces and builds upon material from previous lessons, and emphasizes speaking and comprehension.
- A comprehensive selection of characters and sentence patterns.
- Highly-relevant topics with daily, useful vocabulary, covering school, family, daily life, sports, etc.
- Vivid illustrations, detailed cultural and grammatical introductions.

13. She Likes The Red Backpack 她喜歡紅色的書包
14. What is He Wearing Today? 他今天穿什麼?
15. Her Eyes Are Very Big 她的眼睛很大
16. I Like Sports 我喜歡運動
17. What Pets Do You Have At Home? 你家有什麼小動物
18. We Go To School By School Bus 我們坐小車去上學
19. How Can I Get There? 怎麼走?
20. How Much? 多少錢?
21. I Can Speak Chinese 我會說華語
22. Today Is A Nice Day 今天天氣很好
23. Which Animal Has A Long Nose? 什麼動物鼻子長?
24. Comparisons 比一比