Journal of Chinese Culture for Children 兒童文化教材 [附光碟] + CD-ROM

ISBN: 9789860354539
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The cultural teaching materials include: (Pinyin, Zhuyin. Traditional Chinese characters.)
Interesting Chinese characters- originated from pictograms, ideograms, combined ideograms, and ideograms plus phonetic.

Popular customs and festivals- Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, Qingming Festival and Dragon Boar Festival.

Moral education for children- Table manners, Greeting people, Ti Tzu Kui, and Frugal habits.

Traditional arts- Four treasures of the study room.

Interesting toys for children- Fun games.

The books consist twelve chapters with easy reading for students.

These teaching materials, which use easy vocabulary, introduce an variety of Chinese culture and the difference between western and Chinese culture. Supplementary materials for teachers and parents reference is included as an appendix. After each reading, there is a " Think and do it" exercise for the students to inspire their learning interest. To sum it up, nationality is characterized by its culture. To truly understand a nationality, you must first learn its culture.

本文化教材內容豐富, 包括了: 有趣的漢字-象形,指事,會意和形聲字的源起; 民俗節慶-快樂迎新年, 今年是龍年, 清明節, 端午節; 道德教育-餐桌上的禮儀, 打招呼, 弟子規, 儲蓄是個好習慣; 還有傳統藝術-文房四寶; 以及有趣的童玩-好玩的遊戲。 一共有十二篇, 結集成冊, 以便學生閱讀。