Serious Farm 好嚴肅的農場
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Serious Farm 好嚴肅的農場

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ISBN# 9789868971530
Paperback Hardcover 32 pages
One day many years ago, I took my sister, brother entered the IFC mall in Hong Kong Central, Hong Kong side.
Stuporous Street Shoppes inside, there was a small bookstore,
If I remember correctly, it should be Dymocks Bookstore.
The children do not like shopping, seeing a bookstore than anything else happy, and I went to stay with.
I went to Children's Books District One Station, a small place, readily taken out of, this is it "Serious Farm".
Have not seen half of the book, I am very happy the whole person, it almost hilarious.
I remember, when I turn the whole book before turning back to enjoy, as if on the way to pick up a treasure, like,
I can not believe his luck, so good, "really is a treasure it? No one had noticed, but was I found?"

紙醉金迷的名店街裡,卻出現了一家小小的書店,如果我沒記錯,它應該是Dymocks Bookstore。 孩子們不喜歡逛街,看到書店比什麼都高興,我也陪著走了進去。
我往童書區一站,小小的一塊地方,隨手抽起的,就是這本《Serious Farm》。書還沒看到一半,我整個人開心極了,差點爆笑出來。