Small Baby Looking Through the book (4 books)小寶寶翻翻書(上床囉+好朋友+衣服+小寶寶 共四冊)
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Small Baby Looking Through the book (4 books)小寶寶翻翻書(上床囉+好朋友+衣服+小寶寶 共四冊)

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ISBN# 9577620027
A full set of four books, is to let the children while watching, toys, books to read while small roll-type tablets. In the design of content, the author with a question and answer approach to guide children to actively participate in the story progresses, and learned Richangshenghuo important concepts, such as: clothing, baby animals, friends and go to bed, not only manufacturing for toddlers to talk about parent-child fun, but also help children develop good habits. The book can be read small type sheet rolling, then let the children enjoy the sense of surprise and discovery to find. The painting by pencil in color and soft color and brush strokes, creating a warm atmosphere of home child care, so that children in reading, more cordial, warm, and happy to read again and again! Traditional Chinese characters.