Startup Business Chinese Level 1/Textbook + CD
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Startup Business Chinese Level 1/Textbook + CD

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ISBN# 9780887274749
LanguageBilingual,Simp. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.5 X 11 inch
Paperback 344 pages
In today's highly competitive China market, knowing the language and culture can mean the difference between success and failure for foreign business ventures. Startup Business Chinese uses a field-tested, functional approach to teach business professionals critical communication skills. Designed for those with no prior knowledge of Chinese, Level 1 contains 12 units covering basic daily corporate interactions and business-related social exchanges. Two forthcoming books will expand learning to the intermediate level. The complest set of materials for startup business Chinese, Level 1 includes a textbook with audio CD containing over 290 minutes of audio material. Startup Business Chinese is perfect for business professionals, business majors, travelers, and others doing business in or with China. Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin.