Step Up With Chinese for Beginners /Textbook 成長
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Step Up With Chinese for Beginners /Textbook 成長

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ISBN# 9789814246637
Dimensions 11.25 X 8 inch
Paperback Hardcover 275 pages
Developed in accordance with ACTFL's 5Cs, this set of textbooks and workbooks was created to teach Chinese in a real-life context, while incorporating the three communicative modes. Eschewing the traditional text-vocabulary-grammar centered approach, each unit is broken down into small chunks of pattern to learn and practice. Each step builds upon previously learned vocabulary and sentence patterns in a systematic way. Students will learn all the necessary material to engage others in meaningful communication and gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture. Free MP3 audio downloads, printable character practice sheets, and password-protected instructors' resources including teacher's guide, dialogue tape scripts and answer keys. Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.