The Way of Chinese Characters 漢字之道
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The Way of Chinese Characters 漢字之道

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ISBN# 9781622910465
LanguageBilingual,T & S. Pinyin
Dimensions 8.25 X 11 inch
The Way of Chinese Characters: The Origins of 670 Essential Words offers a holistic approach to character learning. Firmly grounded in etymological research, it introduces each character with its historical evolution and cultural context. Concise introductions and playful illustrations help students visualize the character’s origin and meaning. Rather than memorize through rote repetition, students develop intelligent connections between characters and their meanings.

This expanded second edition has been reimagined to benefit any Chinese curriculum. Now featuring 670 characters organized in alphabetical order by pinyin, The Way of Chinese Characters introduces example words and phrases with nearly every entry, presenting more characters in greater context. Helpful indexes aid students’ navigation and study. The appendix also includes a special Integrated Chinese index, helping series users to coordinate character study with textbook pacing.

Each entry presents the simplified and traditional versions of a character, its pinyin, and its English definition. Character descriptions are in both English and Chinese, making The Way of Chinese Characters a flexible, helpful support to teachers and students at any level of language study.