Verse in Three Characters and Gener Pictures三字经与中国民俗画(英汉对照)
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Verse in Three Characters and Gener Pictures三字经与中国民俗画(英汉对照)

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ISBN# 9787508507996
Dimensions 7 X 9 inch
Paperback 139 pages
The current version of Verse in Three Characters contains 380 lines and 1,140 Chinese characters. Though being short, it has rather abundant and extensive contents covering all moral principles, study methodology, common knowledge of heaven and earth, insitutions and rules, historical evolution, stories of famous persons, etc. In view of its subject, however, it has focused on the moral education. All the meanings of the text would conclude on teaching how to conduct oneself and how to become a useful person and on great hopes placed on the educated. Chinese New Year pictures are an important variety of Chinese folk arts and are called so because they are prepared and decorated for the celebration of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year pictures mainly exhibit day-to day lives, fairy tales, folklores, historical stories, etc, while their connotation is to wish for peace and luck, praise the good and repress the bad, and suppress the evil spirit and refute heresy, exhibiting the spiritual pursuance of common people. Simplified Chinese characters and English.