Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary中文字譜
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Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary中文字譜

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ISBN# 966075005
LanguageBilingual,Trad. Pinyin
Dimensions 5.1 X 7.1 inch
Paperback 545 pages
This dictionary is specially designed to help students understand, appreciate and remember Chinese characters. Every character entry includes a brief traditional Chinese etymology.Genealogical charts highlight the connections between characters, showing the creation of more than 4000 characters from less than 200 simple pictographs and ideographs. Mandarin standards in China and Taiwan are distinguished. Simplified forms for each character are given. Character entries list all words which use the character in any position, allowing a word to be found even if the first character is unknown. English definitions are referenced in an English-Chinese index. A word pronunciation index allows students to directly search for an overheard word without having to guess the initial character. A stroke count index lists every character by number of strokes. Traditional Chinese Characters, Pinyin & English.