Feng Shui 風水
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Feng Shui 風水

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ISBN# 9789813068933
Dimensions 6 X 8.25 inch
Paperback 142 pages
Principles of FENG SHUI-An Illustrated Guide to Chinese Geomancy. This easy- to-understand guide by Sherman Tai will help you to know why some people are born to wealth and plenty while others have to bear with all kinds of sufferings. A person's life is affected by the interaction between forces in the environment and the individual's Four Pillars of Destiny(birth date as in year, month, day and time). Understanding how Feng Shui works requires intensive study as it is a complex school of thought. But to those who are just curious, it will be interesting to have an idea of the basic principles of Fen Shui and how they work. You will also find useful advice for selecting auspicious wedding dates. English.