Origins of Chinese Festivals 中國節日
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Origins of Chinese Festivals 中國節日

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ISBN# 9789812293787
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The Chinese people have a history of 5,000 years of civilization. Information about the origins of Chinese traditional festivals not only help us to understand the customs and everyday habits of the Chinese but also their rich cultural heritage. The reader will be intrigued to learn that many of the stories associated with Chinese festivals have evolved with the changes in the development of the Chinese civilization and as a consequence have become an integral part of the Chinese culture.
Because of the progress of science and technology, and the gradual shedding of ethnic traditions for modern and universal ways, many Chinese are no longer able to tell how their festivals originated. This is especially true of Chinese communities outside their homeland. This book on the origins of the festivals and popular stories associated with them will help the reader to appreciate how the celebration of these festivals acted as a social glue in identifying and helping the Chinese stick together as a race throughout their long history and wherever they are found.