Paintings by Huang Chun-Pi 黃君壁作品集
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Paintings by Huang Chun-Pi 黃君壁作品集

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ISBN# 9789576721281
Dimensions 12 X 12 inch
Paperback Hardcover 180 pages
Tradition says,The painter who would plumb the depths of nature\'s marvels, must travel among famous sights to study the mountains and rivers. Only this way will he experience and understand the rise and dispersal of clouds, the way mountain peaks twist and turn in and out of one\'s vision, the face of mountains, the colors of trees, the difference between clouds at dawn and mists at dusk, the changing mien of clear and murky skies in their infinite transformation. Huang Chun-Pi has been painting for seventy years. In his youth he studied and carefully copied works by predecessors to secure a foundation in the craft. Thence he proceeded to study from nature direct, to roam the famous mountains and rivers, painting from life. Eventually he reached the stage where brush and ink came to gallop across the paper and where he could produce works of maturity with thorough mastery.