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Meet the Penguins 可以一起玩嗎?

ISBN: 9789861898674
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My child cannot play with other children, what should I do?
A book that teaches children how to integrate into a new environment and learn to accept new members at the same time!
1. One book, two perspectives, using dialogues between old and new members, let the children observe why they can't play together, and then guide the children to use empathy to understand how to build a bridge of friendship.
2. The text of the story is repetitive and rhythmic, which deepens the child's impression and makes it easier for the child to understand the interpersonal problems in the story.
Author and Illustrator Introduction
Mike Brownlow The best-selling author of children's books in the United Kingdom, he has published more than a dozen works, among which his first book "Little Robots" was remade into an animation by the British BBC TV station and broadcast in more than 70 countries. The style of painting is cute and playful, and the characters are vivid, which is very popular among adults and children. Mike believes that empathy is very important, and only when we empathize can we truly understand each other. This is also "Can we play together? "The concept advocated by this book: empathize with the other party's state of mind and learn to take the initiative to release kindness.




  1. 一本書,兩種視角,用新舊成員之間的對話,讓孩子觀察為什麼無法一起玩,再引導孩子利用換位思考,來了解要如何搭起友誼的橋樑。

  【視角A】 給渴望融入新環境的孩子: 故事有8種被舊成員拒絕的情境,每種拒絕的理由都不一樣,孩子可以藉由故事去了解可能被拒絕的原因,並觀察什麼樣的時機邀約比較好?或是邀約的口氣可以怎麼調整?幫助孩子找到突破的方法。

  【視角B】 給不想跟新朋友一起玩的孩子: 讓家長了解為什麼不想跟新朋友玩的心情,並從故事出發,讓孩子同理新成員的處境,並了解開放心胸接納別人,對自己也是有好處的。

  2. 故事文字具重複與節奏性,加深孩子印象,更容易讓孩子了解故事中的人際難題。
  3. 角色造型可愛,動作表情鮮明,吸引孩子閱讀。



麥克布朗羅 Mike Brownlow

  英國暢銷童書作繪者,以出版了十幾本作品,其中他的第一本書《小小機器人》(Little Robots)被英國BBC電視臺翻拍成動畫,並在70多個國家播放。畫風可愛俏皮,人物形象鮮明,深受大人小孩喜愛。麥克認為換位思考非常重要,唯有在換位思考的時候我們才能真正理解對方。這也是《可以一起玩嗎?》這本書所倡導的概念:同理對方的心境,學會主動釋出善意。