Poland Treasure Hunt/ Paperback 波蘭尋寶記

Poland Treasure Hunt/ Paperback 波蘭尋寶記

ISBN: 9789863420897
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Poland is one of the most intense fighting during World War II. Mike sad history in Poland seems to have found the treasure clues ...... echoed Chopin melodies in the state of the art. as well as hiding the dwarves fairy kingdom Poland. and Mike went to treasure it! Contents: Chapter 6 true white powder trail secret pen pal Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 attic treasures under the window to point B of Chapter 4 Chapter 5. where the principal wife of reflected light in Chapter 7 Chapter 8 dwarf door Chapter 9 of all the songs in Poland




  1. 了解波蘭的歷史文化
  2. 窺視歐洲近現代的歷程
  3. 學習波蘭人的堅毅精神