• Load image into Gallery viewer, 行動救地球!改變世界環保名人傳【中英雙語】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 行動救地球!改變世界環保名人傳【中英雙語】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 行動救地球!改變世界環保名人傳【中英雙語】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 行動救地球!改變世界環保名人傳【中英雙語】

Climate Rebels 行動救地球!改變世界環保名人傳【中英雙語】

ISBN: 9789579529921
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Earth's greatest threat, It's people who believe there will always be someone saving the planet. -- polar explorer Robert Swan
Carefully selected more than 40 modern environmentalists or groups, Tell the story of how they got their hearts going and stepped up to speak up for the planet. It is the most sincere and sincere call to inspire us to make changes!
About the author
Ben Lerwill British author with a passion for the outdoors, wildlife, music, running and reading. His works have been published in National Geographic Traveler, Time Out, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, among others. He is particularly good at depicting nature, travel, and outdoor activities. He has won several awards for tourism literature and reportage literature. In addition to this, he has created many fascinating children's books and is happy to share his passion for the wider world with children through words.
──極地探險家  羅伯特・史旺




◆珍.古德博士 DR JANE GOODALL◆ 英文請見p.101



珍. 古德在生活中的各個面向也對野生動物抱持無比狂熱。她喜歡靜靜觀察刺蝟和松鼠、書寫關於大自然的詩作,也會跟她的黑白狗羅斯提花很長的時間散步,沿著懸崖頂和海灘隨意爬上爬下。隨著年齡增長,珍.古德對大自然的熱情有增無減,但她可能從未想過她對動物的赤誠之心,有朝一日會變得如此重要。



多虧珍.古德的最愛—— 下巴長著白毛而取名「白鬍子大衛」的黑猩猩,她也才認識到黑猩猩不只對同類展現信任和善意,對人類也能如此。當初從她手上接下香蕉的黑猩猩就是白鬍子大衛。大衛在1968年因病過世後,珍.古德竭盡一切想要了解和保護黑猩猩的決心變得更加堅定。

珍.古德從未停下腳步。1977 年,她成立「國際珍古德教育及保育協會」,旨在研究野生黑猩猩的生活,替豢養的黑猩猩增進福祉並與當地社區建立合作關係。協會透過「根與芽」計畫,與世界各地的青年合作。珍.古德也為那些以森林為家、與森林比鄰而居的人們和動物,及關懷森林的有志之士發起森林保育運動。


◆DR JANE GOODALL 珍.古德博士◆ 中文請見

The year was 1960. In the middle of a hot, tropical jungle, Jane Goodall held out a banana to a chimpanzee. She was in East Africa, in what is now Tanzania, working in a place so wild and remote that it could only be reached by boat. For months she had been trying to learn about the chimpanzees here, but they were nervous around humans and would swing away through the trees. Not today. The chimpanzee looked at the banana, edged towards Jane and took it from her hand. Jane’s heart leaped. At last – at last! – these wonderful creatures were starting to trust her.
・remote [rɪ’mot] adj. 遙遠的、偏僻的
・swing away 盪走
・edge [ɛdʒ] v. 緩緩移動

Some people are born to care for animals. When Jane was one and-a-half years old, growing up in England, she gathered a big handful of wriggly worms from her garden and took them up to her bed. You might think this was an odd thing to do – and certainly Jane’s mother thought so. She explained to her daughter that worms needed soil, not bedclothes, to survive. So the little girl hurriedly took them back down to the garden where they belonged.
・wriggly [‘rɪglɪ] adj. 蠕動的

Jane was besotted with wildlife in other ways too. She liked to sit watching hedgehogs and squirrels. She wrote nature poetry. She took her black-and-white dog Rusty on long walks, scrambling along cliff tops and beaches. This love of the natural world kept growing as she got older, but even she would never have guessed how important her passion for animals would become.
・be besotted with 對⋯痴迷
・hedgehog [‘hɛdʒ͵hɑg] n. 刺蝟
・scramble [‘skræmb!] v. 攀爬

Jane was twenty-six when she began working in Gombe, western Tanzania (in what is today Gombe National Park). At this time people had very little information about how chimpanzees lived – in fact, almost nothing was known about their behavior in the wild. Jane wanted to change that. Some scientists thought it was ridiculous to be sending a young woman into the jungle alone. Jane didn’t agree. She was glad to make the green, sweaty tangle of the trees her office.
・ridiculous [rɪ’dɪkjələs] adj. 荒謬的

Through months and years of patient study, Jane opened the world’s eyes to how amazing and intelligent chimpanzees can be. No creature on Earth has more in common with humans, and Jane helped us to appreciate this. She saw that they used long pieces of grass to ‘fish’ for insects in termite nests. She saw that mothers and babies had close, powerful bonds, just like humans do. And she saw that chimpanzees fought, and sometimes even hurt each other.
・termite [‘tɝmaɪt] n. 白蟻
・bond [bɑnd] n. 羈絆、情誼

She also learned – thanks to her favorite chimpanzee, whom she named David Greybeard, after the white hairs on his chin – that they were able to show trust and kindness, not just to each other but to people too. It was David Greybeard who had taken that first banana from her hand. And, when he died of an illness in 1968, Jane became even more determined to do everything she could to understand and protect chimpanzees.

Her work has never stopped. In 1977 she founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which researches the lives of wild chimpanzees, the welfare of captive chimpanzees, and works with local communities. It also works with young people around the world through its Roots & Shoots program. Jane also campaigns for the people who live in, and around, our forests, and who know them best – as well as the animals that live there.
・institute [‘ɪnstətjut] n. 協會、學院
・campaign [kæm’pen] v. 從事運動

Decades after her first trip to the jungle, Jane is still inspiring us to love and value wild creatures. She spends around 300 days a year traveling the world to spread her message. There are fewer than 300,000 chimpanzees left in the wild anywhere – and Jane is determined to help this number to rise.

◆里德西瑪.龐蒂 RIDHIMA PANDEY◆ 英文請見p.133


但是,她也體會到大自然有多麼危險。2013 年,龐蒂年僅六歲,一場可怕的洪水席捲了北阿坎德邦。洪水摧毀了道路、橋梁、林地和房屋,帶走了人和動物,留下許多無家可歸的家庭。多年以後,這名年輕女孩既苦惱又氣憤。她想了解為什麼會發生這樣的事,以及目前採取了什麼措施來防止它再次發生。




◆RIDHIMA PANDEY 里德西瑪.龐蒂◆ 中文請見p.66

Schoolgirl Ridhima Pandey lives in Haridwar, in the state of Uttarakhand, in northern India, close to the soaring snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Her mother’s job is to help look after local forests and her father works for an environmental group, so from an early age Ridhima was fascinated by trees and animals. If she saw an injured dog or an abandoned kitten, she would bring it home and look after it.
・soaring [ˈsɔːrɪŋ] adj. 高聳的
・abandoned [əˈbændənd] adj. 被遺棄的

But she also learned how dangerous nature could be. In 2013, when Ridhima was six years old, a terrible flood swept across Uttarakhand. It destroyed roads, bridges, woodland and houses, carrying away people and animals, and leaving some families homeless. For years afterwards, the young girl was upset and angry. She wanted to understand why it had happened, and what was being done to stop it happening again.

When her father explained that the flood was partly caused by climate change, and by the different building projects along the banks of the local rivers, she asked him to do something to help. Eventually he agreed to make a formal legal complaint claiming that the Indian government wasn’t doing enough to help the environment. But because it had been Ridhima’s idea, they decided that it should be her name on the complaint.
・complaint [kəmplent] n. (律)告訴、控告

This is how, in 2017, the story of a nine-year-old girl taking the Indian government to court made newspaper headlines all over the world. India is the seventh-largest country on the planet, with a population of more than 1.3 billion, so for one young schoolgirl to be standing up against such a powerful government was extraordinary.
・population [͵pɑpjəˈleʃən] n. 人口

Several years later, Ridhima is still campaigning. She understands that the government must do more to protect the forests, clean up the rivers and stop damaging the land so that her generation will not suffer the consequences. And, by drawing international attention to such an important issue, Ridhima has shown us that no one is too young to be an activist.
・consequence [ˈkɑnsə͵kwɛns] n. 後果


班.勒威爾Ben Lerwill






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