A Study Guide to the AP Chinese Language & Culture Test

A Study Guide to the AP Chinese Language & Culture Test

ISBN: 9789865878078
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●A test prep manual for the AP Chinese Language and Culture Test ●Ideal for use as course material or as a self-study guide ●Rich in content, consisting of 24 different topics related to Chinese culture ●Thematic Vocabulary helps you to group related words together ●Functional Structures teaches you to form coherent paragraphs in Chinese ●Performance tasks provide more opportunities to practice test items, such as story narration, e-mail response and cultural presentation ●Announcements and Advertisements are offered to develop interpretive skills ●Additional Information lists cultural knowledge in detail.

Traditional Chinese characters, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, English.

Table of Contents

Chapter I Global Challenges:地球村, 語言溝通,文化差異, 環境保護

Chapter 2 Science and Technology: 中國古代發明,中醫針灸,交通工具發展, 高科技學生

Chapter 3 Contemporary Life: 學校生活,暑期打算,報考大學, 運動愛好

Chapter 4 Personal and Public Identities: 文化背景,歷史名人,飲食文化, 節慶習俗

Chapter 5 Family and Communities: 父母和子女, 友誼和愛, 社區服務,度假旅遊

Chapter 6 Beauty and Aesthetics: 中國書,  中國會畫, 中國文學, 戲劇歌舞