and Gan Bobo to tour the River  和甘伯伯去游河

and Gan Bobo to tour the River 和甘伯伯去游河

ISBN: 9787543468849
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Gan Bobo has a wooden boat, his home on the river. One day, Gan Bobo go puntingit to river. Two children, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, chickens, cattle and goats, eleven requirements on board. At first, the situation is good, then these passengers have forgotten comply with the order, forget the boat rules. As a result, the boat turned over, everyone fell into the water. Gan Bobo lead us to swim to shore, let the sun to dry their clothes and body. Gan Bobo kindly invited these passengers to his home to tea, and proposed a few days we once again take the boat.