Chinese Animation 8DVD中國動畫經典
Chinese Animation 8DVD中國動畫經典
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Chinese Animation 8DVD中國動畫經典

ISBN: 4715320307949
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Which chime sea long: about 59 minutes

Dragon King drip does not drop the East China Sea, but also rob the boy and girl. Which brave courageous death Dragon King's son. So the king of the Dragon Wang Xing waves, flooded Chen Tong, which 吒 to save the people to resist. Taiyi live lotus lotus root so that the reincarnated. Where 吒 hand-held fire jifu, riding a turmoil, rage drag Dragon Palace, for the people except harm.

Best Film Award for Chinese Film Hundred Flowers Award, Special Award for Manila International Film Festival, Philippines, Widescreen Prize for Young Fairy Tales Film Festival, Brindisi, France

Havoc in Heaven: about 85 minutes

According to "Journey to the West" before the seven adaptation, color, strange shape, grand scene. The film for the Shanghai Art Film Studio 60's classic works, as the film after nearly 50 years, the picture is slightly old and not flawed.

Best Film Award of China Film Hundred Flowers Award, Outstanding Film of the Year at London International Film Festival, UK, Honorable Mention Award of International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, Third Prize of International Child Film Festival of Ecuador

Lotus Light long: about 85 minutes

About a brave boy - incense, after suffering, to overcome numerous difficulties, defeated Erlang God, split Huashan, rescued his mother.

China Golden Rooster Award for Best Art Award, Huabiao Award for Outstanding Art Award, Tongniu Award for Outstanding Art Award, China Animation Achievement Award for Gold Medal, Mar del Plata, Argentina Children and Teenager Film Festival Sweet Dreams Special Award

Golden monster demon film length: about 85 minutes

Adapted from the "Journey to the West - Sanda bones fine" brilliant fragment, the film is colorful, the action shot is very exciting, characterization of the character is quite rich.

China Golden Rooster Award for Best Art Film, Radio, Film and Television Excellent Film Prize, France Boerbo La Si Culture Club Youth Animation Film Festival Award and Mass Award, Chicago International Children's Film Festival Animation Feature Film Prize

Amazing film length: about 90 minutes

According to the Chinese classic myth novel "Ping Yao Zhuan," adapted from the Temple of the Son, tells the story of the saga passed to the world, to the Egg students to teach magic benefit the people story, full of comedy style, fast-paced, entertaining. Tune twists and turns, full of suspense. The characterization of many people lifelike, with a rare sense of humor in Chinese animation.

Landscape clam fighting clam fight length: about 48 minutes

The actual situation and the soft and elegant picture show the aesthetics of Chinese painting between "similarity and dissimilarity", with far-reaching artistic conception. The melodious flute in "The Old Manifesto" is played by Lu Chun-ling, the master of the national treasure of the South Pai Yi flute.

Denmark Odense International Fairy Tale Film Festival Gold Medal, China Golden Rooster Award for Best Art Film, Radio, Film and Television Excellent Film Award, China International Animation Film Festival Art Award, Canada Montreal Film Festival Best Short Film Award, India Mumbai International Short Film, documentary, animation film festival best film three awards, the West Berlin International Film Festival short film movie Silver Bear Award, China Golden Rooster Award for Best Art Film Award, Zagabob International Animation Film Festival special award, Toronto International Cartoon Film Festival Special Award

Deer bells black cock small tadpole looking for mother Length: about 44 minutes

Ink and wash series of performance ink painting renderings, totally natural, each scene is a good ink painting. Splendid landscape magnificent magnificent, soft style full of poetic.

China Golden Rooster Award for Best Art Film, Best Film Award for Chinese Film Hundred Flowers Award, Silver Fan Award for International Film Festival of Locarno, Switzerland, Children's Film Award of Annecy International Cartoon Film Festival, France, International Film Festival of Cannes, France Prize, first prize at the International Animation Film Festival in Zagreb, Second Prize at the Fourth International Children's and Youth Day at the Pompidou Center in Paris

哪吒鬧海 片長:約59分鐘 Traditional Chinese characters, English



大鬧天宮 片長:約85分鐘



寶蓮燈 片長:約85分鐘



金猴降妖 片長:約85分鐘



天書奇譚 片長:約90分鐘


山水情 鷸蚌相爭 牧笛 片長:約48分鐘



鹿鈴 黑公雞 小蝌蚪找媽媽 片長:約44分鐘


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