Chinese Traditions and Festivals (Traditional & Simplified)  中國節日與民俗故事

Chinese Traditions and Festivals (Traditional & Simplified) 中國節日與民俗故事

ISBN: 9781891107016
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Easy Chinese Readings in 500 Characters is a series of readers focused on increasing beginning-level student fluency. Topics include the expected (Spring Festival, Dragon Boats, Marriage) and unexpected (Water Sprinkling Festival In Yunnan, foot binding, and folk customs of Taiwan), all written in an easy-to-read text. This is one of the best sets of reading material available to those interested in Chinese. Simplified/Traditional Chinese characters, English and Pinyin, Zhuyin.

中國的節日與民俗是"以五百生字輕鬆閱讀中文" 系列叢書中的一本. 這一系列中文閱讀叢書是為受過初步漢語訓練(相當於經過四個學期的中文課程學習)並希望迅速提高閱讀中文能力的學生而編寫的。

1. Spring Festival-Red Envelopes and New Year's Eve Dinner 春節-紅包和年飯,
2. The Lantern Festival-Viewing Lanterns and Eating Dumplings 元宵節-看燈籠和吃元宵
3. Marriage-The Matchmaker and The Wedding Banquet 結婚-紅娘和喜酒, 喝酒和喝茶
4. Drinking Spirits and Drinking Tea 清明節-紀念親人的日子
5. The Tomb Sweeping Day-The day for commemorating one's ancestors
6. Stuffing Dumplings-Inviting guests to a lively feast包餃子-熱熱鬧鬧的請客
7. Three Generations Under One Roof 三代同堂
8. The Water Sprinkling Festival-A Folk Custom from the Southwest 潑水節
9. Education in Ancient China 古時候的教育
10. The Dragon Boat Festival-Dragon Boats and Zongzi 端午節-龍船和粽子
11. The Lying-in Period after Birth and Foot Binding 古老的習俗-坐月子和小腳女人
12. Mid-Autumn Festival-Moon Viewing and Moon Cakes 中秋節賞月和月餅
13. Birthday Banquet and the Newborn's Name 生日飯和新生兒的名字
14. Folk Customs of Taiwan 台灣的民俗
15. The Origin of Chinese Characters 漢字裡的傳統
16. The double Nine Festival-Hiking to Elevated Areas 重陽節-登高.