Chinese Treasure Chest Vol. 4(Traditional Chinese) 1st Edition 中文百寶箱

Chinese Treasure Chest Vol. 4(Traditional Chinese) 1st Edition 中文百寶箱

ISBN: 9789814806831
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Building on the success and popularity of the first three volumes, Chinese Treasure Chest Volume 4 contains a variety of interactive activities to enhance any Mandarin Chinese language program with students from grades PreK through 12. It offers many ready-to-use games, songs and chants, craft projects, delightfully illustrated student worksheets, and teacher-directed activities to help students learn Chinese as a foreign language.

Table of Contents

跨學科創作坊 STEAM Projects
中國有名的景點 Famous Places in China
中國古代的發明 Ancient Chinese Inventions 

Holiday Fun & Games

迷你話劇 School Plays
小兔子乖乖 Good Little Bunnies
中秋節的故事 The Story of the Moon Festival
中國新年:年的故事 Chinese New Year: The Story of Nian
十二生肖的故事 The Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals

真實語料 Authentic Materials
(Adapted) 中國黃曆
Chinese Calendar 中國菜色
Chinese Dishes 喜帖 Wedding Invitations
火車票和時刻表 Train Tickets and Schedules

我愛動物 I Love Animals
動物的種類 Classifications
動物的身體特徵 Physical Characteristics
寵物和農場動物 Pets and Farm Animals
海洋生物 Sea Animals

外出用餐 I Am Eating Out
餐具 Eating Utensils
美國菜 American Food
中國菜 Chinese Food

我去買東西 I Am Going Shopping
紀念品 Souvenirs
食品 Food
衣服 Clothing

我的世界 My World
世界 World
城市和著名景區 Cities and Attractions
交通工具 Transportation

我的環境 My Environment
地形和自然災害 Landforms and Natural Disasters
物質三態 States of Matter
環保 Environmental Protection

看圖說話 Pictures for Discussion
在海灘 At the Beach
在中國城 In Chinatown
生日會 At a Birthday Party

看圖說故事 Sequential Stories
吃點心 Eating Snacks
上學 Going to School
放風箏 Flying a Kite

繞口令 Tongue Twisters
吃葡萄 Eating Grapes
盆和瓶 Basin and Bottles
獅子和石子 Lions and Stones

唐詩 Tang Poems
春曉 Dawn in Spring
登鸛雀樓 Climbing Stork Tower
遊子吟 Song of the Wanderer

謎語 Riddles
食物 Food
動物 Animals
物品 Items

教學技巧 Teaching Techniques
閱讀與寫作 Reading and Writing
全能肢體反應法 Total Physical Response
閃示卡 / 大字報 Flashcards/Wall Charts
對話交流 Interpersonal Dialogues
童謠 Nursery Rhymes
看圖說話 Sequential Picture Stories
關氏連句法 Gouin Series
朗讀 / 朗誦 Read Alouds
迷宮遊戲 Maze Games
字謎 Word Search Puzzles
填字遊戲 Crossword Puzzles
生字卡遊戲 Vocabulary Games
兒童繪本 Picture Books
小書製作 Mini-Book Making
工藝美術 Arts and Crafts
角色扮演 Role-Playing
問卷 Surveys
訪談 Interviews
圖表 Graphs
棋盤遊戲 Board Game