Chinese Wonderland vol.1 Workbook with CD-Traditional 華語小學堂

Chinese Wonderland vol.1 Workbook with CD-Traditional 華語小學堂

ISBN: 4713273780031
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Chinese Wonderland is a six-volume text designed for young students of Chinese as a Foreign Language classes. The topics comply with Stage I and Stage II of the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. The concept and content both comply with the 5Cs standard established by America Council on the Teaching of the Foreign Languages and World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools. Students are enabled to continue the study of Chinese language at an intermediate level of middle school curriculum after completing six volumes. In addition, students are equipped with communicative skills and the ability to process their thinking in Chinese.

Chinese Wonderland Volume 1 consists of seven units including twenty-one lessons. Topics include self-introduction, family, daily activities, pets, sports, hobbies, clothing, colors, food, stationery, and toys. The content contains unit introduction, dialogues, vocabulary, sentence structures, classroom expressions, readings, culture notes, communicative and task-based activities, and Picture This. Additional resources other than the textbook include workbook, teacher's manual, audio CD, flash cards, digital teacher's resource and online digital exercise providing students with various resource and reinforcement beyond class setting.


  《華語小學堂》第一冊課本共分七個單元,二十一課,主題涵蓋自我介紹、家人、日常的活動、寵物、運動、喜好、服飾、顏色、食物、文具和玩具等。內容形式包含單元課程簡介、對話、詞彙、句型、課堂用語、閱讀、文化小知識、溝通式及任務導向的活動和情境演練。其他的教學資源包括學生作業、Audio CD、教師手冊、詞卡、圖卡、數位教學資源以及線上複習課程。相信對初次接觸中文的兒童,這是一份實用又有吸引力的教材。


Unit 1 我的家(一) My Family and I (1)
第一課  你叫什麼名字?    What Is Your Name?
第二課  這是誰?       Who Is This?
第三課  你幾歲?       How Old Are You?

Unit 2 我的家(二) My Family and I (2)
第四課  這是你的爺爺嗎?   Is This Your Grandfather?
第五課  你有哥哥嗎?     Do you have Any Older Brothers?
第六課  你有幾隻小狗?     How Many Dogs Do You Have?

Unit 3 寵物 My Pets
第七課  青蛙有幾隻腳?    How many Legs Do Frogs Have?
第八課  兔子的耳朵很長    Rabbit Ears Are Very Long
第九課  烏龜會爬嗎?      Can Turtles Crawl?

Unit 4 我的興趣 My Hobbies
第十課  我會游泳,還會打球  I Can Swim, and Play Ball
第十一課 你在做什麼?     What Are You Doing?
第十二課 你喜歡看書嗎?    Do You Like to Read?

Unit 5 顏色、衣服 Colors and Clothing
第十三課 這是黃色的上衣    This Is a Yellow Shirt
第十四課 這是誰的鞋子?    Whose Shoes Are These?
第十五課 你喜歡什麼顏色?   What Color Do You Like?

Unit 6 食物 Food
第十六課 西瓜好吃嗎?     Is Watermelon Tasty?
第十七課 你要吃蛋糕嗎?    Do You Want to Eat Cake?
第十八課 你要喝什麼?     What Do You Want to Drink ?

Unit 7 玩具、文具 Toys and Stationery
第十九課 你有沒有鉛筆?    Do You Have Pencils?
第二十課 你要買什麼?     What Do You Want to Buy?
第二十一課 你買了什麼?    What Did You Buy?

Appendix 附錄
Nursery Rhymes
Characters List
Text with Pinyin
Text Translation