Chinese Wonderland vol.3 workbook with CD-Simplified華語小學堂

Chinese Wonderland vol.3 workbook with CD-Simplified華語小學堂

ISBN: 4713273780066
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Chinese wonderland is a six-volume text designed for young students of Chinese as a Foreign Language classes. The topics comply with Stage I and Stage II of the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. The concept and content both comply with the 5Cs standard established by America Council on the Teaching of the Foreign Languages and World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools. Students are enabled to continue the study of Chinese language at an intermediate level of middle school curriculum after completing six volumes. In addition, students are equipped with communicative skills and the ability to process their thinking in Chinese.

Chinese wonderland Volume 3 consists of five units including Prelude followed by eleven lessons. The topics includes farm, extra-curricular activities, calendar, birthday, Chinese New Year, directions, and shopping for clothes. The content contains lesson introduction, dialogues, vocabulary, sentence structures, culture notes, readings, stroke order, Picture This, vocabulary list and communicative and task based activities. Additional resources other than the textbook include workbook, teacher's manual, audio CD, flash cards, digital teacher's resource.


  《華語小學堂》第三冊課本共分五個單元,包括前導複習以及十一課,主題涵蓋了農場,課外活動、一週行事曆、生日、中國新年、房間的方位、買衣服等和日常生活有關的主題。內容包括課文引導、對話、句型、文化小常識、閱讀、筆順練習、情境演練、生詞附表,以及溝通式和任務導向的活動,其他的教學資源包括學生作業、教師手冊、Audio CD、詞卡、圖卡、數位教學資源。


Prelude 前導複習
前導複習 這是我的朋友 This Is My Friend

Unit 1 農場 The Farm
第一課  我們去農場 We Went to the Farm
第二課  農場裡有什麼? What Is on the Farm?

Unit 2 課外活動 Extra-Curricular Activities
第三課  我星期六上中文課 I Have Chinese Class on Saturday
第四課  打功夫很有趣 Kung Fu Is Interesting

Unit 3 生日 Birthday
第五課  我的生日是七月八日 My Birthday Is July Eighth
第六課  生日快樂!  Happy Birthday!

Unit 4 過中國新年 Chinese New Year
第七課  去朋友家過年 Celebrating Chinese New Year with Friends
第八課  你需要幫忙嗎? Do You Need Help?

Unit 5 買衣服 Shop for Clothes
第九課  這一雙皮鞋太小了 This Pair of Leather Shoes Is Too Small
第十課  紫色的洋裝又便宜又好看 The Purple Dress Is Cheap and Pretty

Unit 6 本冊複習 Review
第十一課 你家真漂亮! Your House Is Beautiful!

Appendix 附錄
Nursery Rhymes
Time Expression Table
Characters List
Text with Pinyin
Text Translation